A fidget spinner is a handheld spinning top. Most utilize a ball bearing in the center to spin the outside weights. These pocket size tops are great for keeping your hands busy. Tapping your feet constantly, clicking ball point pens, nail biting, and more are examples of fidgeting activities that these spinners are meant to be used in replacement of.

You simply hold it in between your fingers, flick it and watch it spin. Some versions even light up, and they are completely silent.
Kids can compete against each other to come up with the best tricks, or to keep their gadget spinning the longest.
They are designed for those who “can’t quite keep still and need a fidget phenomenon to stop the strains and stresses whilst working”.
Promoted to beat boredom and increase concentration, some Amazon reviewers even claim the fidget spinner have helped them stop biting their nails.
 Fidget spinners are a fun, stress reducing device, similar to the stress ball or worry stone. Unlike other devices meant to relieve stress; the serene spinning sensation you get from each and every Fidget Spinner calms the hands and mind simultaneously, allowing your brain to focus on the task you need to devote your full attention too.



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