Fidget spinners are small devices with a bearing in the middle that allows you to spin it in your hand. They're typically made from metal or plastic and come in a variety of designs and colors. Many of the most popular products have three prongs surrounding the bearing that, while spinning, makes for an entrancing sight.

Other popular versions of the finger spinner include ones shaped like snowflakes, throwing stars, the Batman symbol and a rainbow pattern.If you are not a parent of a middle-school-aged child, do not commute to work on public transportation, avoid the life-style section of the newspaper, and refrain from watching all television news, it is just about possible that you have yet to be exposed to fidget spinners. Not quite a toy, not exactly a gadget, nor precisely a therapeutic device—and yet, somehow, and infuriatingly, all of those things at once—a fidget spinner is a palm-sized, usually three-pronged object made from plastic or metal or a combination of the two, designed to be spun between finger and thumb. 
The fidget spinner has been touted as helpful for kids with A.D.H.D. or on the autism spectrum, and it’s not uncommon for educators and therapists to recommend hand-sized toys, like squishy balls or squeezy tubes, as a concentration aide for kids who have a hard time following classroom rules.



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